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Our Mission

Our award winning salon is unique in many ways; after one visit you will see why.

We are dedicated to making a difference within an industry which can be ethically compromising.


At The Cutting Shed we take care to be kind in equal quantities, to our health, our planet and the creatures with whom we share it; taking great pride in being totally committed to providing a 100% vegan friendly, cruelty free, organic & green hair care experience. We finely select hair care products from companies who share our ethos, which contain only the most natural & nurturing ingredients, they are raw, unrefined, and organic where possible.


As a 'Green Salon' with Eco-credentials as clean as our cuts, rest assured we harness renewable energy, and use 'Clean', green codes of practice, applying the Reduce Reuse and Recycle principles within the salon environment and to all aspects of our business and personal lives.

To learn more about The Cutting Shed, book a complimentary consultation or an appointment please feel free to get in touch!

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