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Here at The Cutting Shed Hair Salon, you will feel at ease the moment you walk through the door. Our warm, friendly stylists will greet you with a smile, and provide you with innovative, creative hair styling tailored to suit you as an individual. Our loyal client base is a true reflection of how much we care.

We are an inclusive salon, and acknowledge and respect that we live in a society where gender fluidity is and should be a thing. We want to make sure our price structure reflects the experience level of your Stylist, and the service you are booking in for - not the gender you identify as, which is why the services set out below have no reference to gender. 
Cleanse Cut & Finish 

Artistic Director £45
Creative Stylist £42


Wet/Dry Cut

Artistic Director £35

Creative Stylist £30

Curly Cut

Artistic Director £48

Re invention

Artistic Director £60

Creative Stylist £55

Junior cleanse cut & finish 

Artistic Director £25

Creative Stylist £22

Junior Curly Cut

Artistic Director £28

Junior Wet/Dry Cut

Artistic Director £18

Creative Stylist £15

Teen Cleanse cut & finish

Artistic Director £35

Creative Stylist £32

Teen Wet/Dry cut

Artistic Director £28

Creative Stylist £25
Cleanse blow dry & Finished into a style

Artistic Director £28

Creative Stylist £25

Curled from £15
Hair up from £55

*Short above ears
*Long below Ears

Roots including:

Blast Dry
Short £45 Long £55
Finish into a style
Short £65 Long £75
Cut & Finish  
Short £85 Long £95

Full head including:

Blast Dry
Short £55 Long £65 
Finish into a style
Short £75 Long £85
Cut & Finish
Short £95 Long £105

Foiling Combo's

T-Zone including:
Blast Dry £55
Finish £75
Cut & Finish £95

Half Head including
Blast Dry £70
Finish £90
Cut & Finish £110

Full Head including:
Blast Dry £89
Finish £109
Cut & Finish £129

Balayage including
Blast Dry £89
Finish £109
Cut & Finish £129

Add on's
Babylights £25
Colour in between foils £15
Toner as part of colouring service £15
Toner stand alone £25.00

Colour correction POA

Colour care treatment £20
Stand alone strengthening treatment £25

Nourish Hydrate Repair
Using only the finest raw & organic ingredients we blend a bespoke treatment depending on the individual needs of your hair and scalp £15.00 

*Consultations are complimentary and by appointment only.

*A skin test must be carried out at least 48 hours prior to any colouring service to ensure no sensitivities are present.

Terms & Conditions:


We do not carry out colouring services on under 16's

We will carry out a thorough consultation prior to or on the day of your appointment. 
We will guide you through the process and advise you. The final decision is yours, however we will not carry out requests which could result in compromising the long term integrity of the hair.

Several sessions may be needed to achieve your desired hair goal. This will be discussed and we will be transparent regarding time frames and cost.
If at any point you are unclear about the steps discussed during the consultation process to achieve the required end result you must bring this to our attention asap so we can reassure you, and clarify.

Aftercare will be given along with recommendations. You are responsible for following these guideline's to ensure you get the most out of your colour.

Permanent hair colour will grow out. It will grow on average 1/2 inch per month. You may also experience a gradual fade depending on the products you use, if your hair is porous, exposed to the sun, or if you swim.

Semi permanent hair colour will gradually fade out. The rate of fade out will depend the products you use, porosity of hair, sun exposure, or if you swim.

Toners will need top ups. They are not permanent and depending on the porosity of the hair and products you use will depend on the longevity.

Please inform us if you are in the first trimester of pregnancy, are on any long term medication, or are receiving treatment for cancer. A doctors note may be necessary to proceed with colouring services. 

Our main aim is to meet your expectations by providing the highest standard of technical and creative skills, backed by our extensive level of industry experience. Rest assured we have undertaken extensive training in colour correction and therefore extremely capable of making any adjustments if you are not entirely satisfied with the end result. 
All services are are guaranteed for 7 days upon completion. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with the colour result you must express any concerns within this time so we can make any adjustments. By calling 01886 288080 or emailing;

We DO NOT offer refunds

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