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Artistic Director Kerry Tedds' love for the planet and the creatures with whom we share it inspired her to create an exclusive space where her ethics could be put into practice.

Our highly skilled stylists are creative as well as technically minded, with many years of industry experience. We focus on offering a holistic approach to the salon experience, considering first and foremost your individual needs. We are advocates of self care, so its of great importance to us that the time you spend at The Cutting Shed is relaxing and allows you to unwind and recharge.

Situated at The Fold in Bransford, Worcestershire, just on the outskirts of the beautiful spa town Malvern, surrounded by rolling hills, and wildlife, The Fold is a ‘haven' for inspiration, creativity and healing. The Cutting Shed joined in 2016, we were warmly welcomed, and feel very proud to be a part of this inspirational community.

The studio is housed in a converted barn; light, airy and welcoming. With sustainability at the forefront of our thinking, a combination of simplicity and sophistication, using eco friendly and up-cycled decor tells a story of who we are.

We welcome you to get in touch to discuss your hair care needs or concerns and will be at your service to offer our professional advice and recommendation. This can be done by getting in touch to book a complimentary consultation.

"Our mission is to provide exceptional hair care whilst ensuring that all we do has at no point inflicted unnecessary harm on our beautiful planet, or any creature with whom we share it. We cherry pick the products we use, making certain they are 100% vegan, as clean as possible, and environmentally friendly. We have taken great care, investing huge amounts of time researching ingredients. It can be a minefield but rest assured our knowledge and experience allows us to take care of that for you. As a 'Green Salon', we are super conscious of our carbon footprint; our industry is notorious for producing huge amounts of unnecessary waste. Our energy is supplied by a wood chip biomass burner, and the Reduce, Reuse & Recycle code of practice is second nature to us, resulting in minimal business waste. If we all live consciously then our impact on climate change will be tremendous."

Kerry Tedds 

Artistic Director

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